Homemade pasta “pljukanci” Maremonti


  • 5 scallops bigger in size (the inside only)
  • olive oil
  • fish stock
  • 1 tablespoon truffle sauce
  • spices

Fry scallops in olive oil until gold yellow on both sides. Add fish stock, truffle sauce and spices. While pouring in the stock, pay attention to the quantity of the stock adding enough of it for a certain quantity of pasta, not too much.

Put “pljukanci” in salted boiling water and stir until it boils again so as not to make “pljukanci” stick together. Cook until pasta „al dente“, then strain it from the pot into boiling sauce.

Briefly cook all together to make different tastes infuse and to let out the extra liquid.

Serve on a warm plate, add several drops of truffle oil and grate several truffle slices on top.

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