TARTUFO VERO - Workshop for proper preparation of truffles with homemade pasta

  • welcome drink and introductory story about truffles,
  • way of preparing, difference between proper and improper preparation,
  • how to use truffles (appetizers, meat and fish dishes, desserts)
  • preparation of homemade pasta (tagliatelle),
  • preparation of tagliatelle with truffles (demonstration and individual work with each participant),
  • dinner with a tasting of prepared pasta with truffles


  • welcome drink
  • all the ingredients for making pasta
  • all the ingredients for making pasta with truffles
  • Dinner with a drink (0.2 wines and 0.33 water per person)
  • PASTE PACKAGE "Gatto Nero in Bosco" (truffle black summer cloves, homemade truffle, olive oil with truffles, homemade pasta)

The estimated workshop duration is at least 2 hours, (depending on the mood of the group there is no limit of duration)
Minimum number of participants 6, maximum 12
The maximum number of participants may be higher, in this case the production of homemade pasta is skipped

Price per person: 1.499,00 kn
Applications and information: gn@gattonero.eu

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Tartufo vero
Pasta tartufi
Taljatele domaĆe


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