Excellence of ingredients

Me and my girlfriend chose this restaurant as our destination for our anniversary based on all the positive reviews that we saw on TripAdvisor, and because we wanted to eat some istrian cuisine.

We were certainly NOT disappointed.

The Boškarin beefsteak was the juiciest piece of meat I have ever tasted, absolutely full of flavor, and I have a lot of experience with them.The mustard and potatoes were absolutely great too, but the quality of the meat takes the cake by far. My girlfriend had octopus with potatoes, and it was just great, the flavor of the sauce just perfectly balanced between rosemary and wine.

The staff was marvelous at their job, nice, and they take your specifications into account (for example no tomatoes).

The prices are moderate, but affordable, even for a couple of students like us, definitely a place that you can visit a couple times a year for the experience of pure Istrian culinary bliss.

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