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Jasna is not only a great cook but also an extremely nice person who approaches her work with a lot of love and innovation. For her work she won several national and international awards and recognitions! She will gladly come to your table, discuss and prepare even something we don't have in our regular offer. Do not hesitate to call her!

Do not miss to try our homemade pasta, scrambled eggs with truffles, goulash,...

We are proud of the fact that we are the only restaurant in Novigrad that posseses a certificate for preparing delicacies of Istrian cattle BOŠKARIN. You can also enjoy (probably only here) the delicacies prepared from BLACK ANGUS steaks that can weight up to 5 kg!

For our VEGETARIAN guests we have prepared surprises and a lot of specialities that you won't find anywhere else! –  pasta with wild garlic, mushrooms (boletus), peperoncino, nettle,... in various sauces.

Čripnja (Peka) - prepared on an old and somewhat forgotten style, which offers hedonistic pleasures of the tastes and smells of meat and seafood, potatoes and vegetables,...

GRILL & BBQ - our grill and BBQ specialties are prepared exclusively from first-class meat, which we grind ourselves and put spices following the original recipe which wasn't so easy to obtain!

In our offer, besides ćevapćić and pljeskavica (burgers) we have filled ćevap, better known as DJEVOJAČKI SAN (maidenish dream) , stuffed hanger, skewers, famous plates GATTO NERO (for those who are extremly hungry) with popular prices!


  • Carpaccio "Gatto Nero"
  • Marinated shrimps in curd with honey
  • Fish minestrone "Gatto Nero"
  • Scrambled eggs with truffles
  • Shrimps in bread
  • Ćevap "Gatto Nero"
  • Boškarin goulash
  • Bream Fish or Sea Bass fillet "Gatto Nero"
  • Green noodles made of wild garlic with zucchini and shrimps
  • Quiche made of vegetables
  • Pizza "Gatto Nero"
  • Cheesecake "Gatto Nero"

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Biftek tartufi
Gurmanska pljeskavica


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Konoba Gatto Nero
A: Zidine 10, Novigrad 52466, Hrvatska
T: +385 (0)52 255 555

Radno vrijeme
Ponedeljak: 17:30-23:30
Utorak - nedjelja: 12:00-23:30